Sunday, January 24, 2010

WHAT IS THIS BLASPHEMY!!? & work out tips #1


soo i went to my nordstroms to get another one of my h
andy dang MAC MINERALIZED SKINFINISHES and i thought i was like 25$, and i had some giftcards. but turns out it's 27$?! WHATT. so i check the mac website and it'sonly 25$... ugh..nordstroms you be ripping me off!! but since i love my MSF natural oh so much... and a mac counter's like 30 minutes away.. this will do..for now!!

here's some proof... too lazy to take a picture of my receipt. got thiss off of the mac webbie and nordstroms. (:

working out tips!
1.) working out with an ipod or mp3 really helps get the mood going! pick some of your favorite songs to work out to and you'll never stop wanting to run because you want to finish the song! (:
2.) after an intense workout (like running a mile) make sure you take 3-5 minutes just walking around slowly to prevent blood pooling.
3.)wear a comfty work-out-able outfit! like mee. t-shirt and nike shorts.
4.) you SHOULD excersise 1hr every day but start slow if your just starting excersisinggg.
5.) make goals! make 2 short term goals like ( run a mile twice a month) and one long term goal like (run a mile under 8 minutes!) something of that sort.
6.) don't feel discouraged, you can do it! (:

those are all i can think of at the moment.... i promise i'll get back to you guys with more <3


    I literally laughed aloud at the first paragraph. "Nordstrom, you be ripping me off!"
    I mean. I can relate. ; )
    You like post these tips about working out and then you post a picture of yourself that's like totally not fat. ;] But oh well, working out's good for health, not just for losing fat.
    And about previous post, LOVE your adorable curls.

  2. Aww, you look so freakin' CUTE in your work-out clothes! Aggh, you're actually making me feel pretty guilty. That was supposed to be one of my New Year's resolutions to join the gym. I'm just feeling soooooo blaaaaaaaaah lately. No joke! Lol, I think maybe I'm bi-polar too? But I would hate to get medicated for that. Especially since all day I do is work around medicine. Here's to hoping that it's just seasonal blues and nothing more! =)

  3. You have some great tips for working out especially setting short goals. A lot of people expect a lot and when it doesn't happen, they give up... hehe~

    Which MAC MSF did you get? Why is Nordstorm more expensive than MAC? Do you know by any chance?

  4. That sucks that Nordstorm is ripping people off. That's not right!!! Boo at Nordstorm... hehe~

  5. Hi Victoria, You have inspired me to get my butt off this seat and start jogging daily. :P

  6. love your blog! very cute

    xo, C.

  7. Shame on Nordstrom!!!! and good tips for working out!

    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

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  9. I can do it!!! although I'm so lazy to workout now. I'll do it tom :)

  10. u look like a boy