Sunday, January 3, 2010

A peice of me in January, 2009.

a peice of me in January.. (game started by Notes from the Toothfairy)

I like:
- my new itouch (: whoopwhoop <3
-teacher workdays=no school for us kiddos
-talking on the phone for hours
-my birthday is coming up..(Jan 7)
-looking back at old memories..
i was the awkward one doing the whole peace sign.. i hope you guys got some good laughs out of this.. x.x

I don't like;;
- my crappy phone -.-
- my hate/love relationship with food
- drama queens
-getting new clothes because i got bigger -.-
-getting the phone bill for those hours

I want you to know:
- that i think about blogging...ALOT it's weird. i'm like ' OMG LOOK HOW COOL! *takes picture* i'm putting this on my blog..hehehehehe.'

I've planned:
- going to taiwan and china sometime between july through august, and in china i plan on visiting my grandma's grave.
-to get good grades!! like REALLY GOOD.

I want to say to someone special:
- i'm happy.

whoopwhoop that's it folks! have a good month (:


  1. hey love, thanks for joining my little game!

    I like looking back at old memories as well, and happy early bday!

    and hahaha.. I feel you, once you start on blogging, it's getting all out of hand, it's really addictive huh!


  2. Ohh I gotta love looking back at old memories too! I always find myself surprised at how everyone and myself use to look like and how we look like now. It's a pretty big change O_O LOL!

    I've planned on getting good grades but I'm starting to have doubts =_= you know when you just haven't revised enough & know you gonna fail the exam. Yeah that's how I'm feeling =_=

    Hehe glad we have the same feeling about gym and food! Double *Hi5* :D


  3. Aww thank you for the compliment :D *blushes*

    Omygoshies you should so try the foundation, it's the third I have ever tried in my whole entire life and I really love it! It stays on for the wholeeeeeeeeee day! & it doesn't transfer either! You should so get it XD~

    Yup I still can't believe I have a Mac product lying in my vanity area, I think it makes the whole place shine! LOL


  4. heyys, cool blog. :)
    check my blog out?