Sunday, January 10, 2010

blowing out the candles(:

haha i relieze i have a seriously annoying bratty voice! blahh, sorry guys x)
i love these people, they mean the worlddd to me! they're some of my closet friends. this wasn't really a "party" just kind of a get together. i think i'll post up the presents they got me later.. for now this video shall be alright. x.x my annoying voice, sigh. oh and yes i did try singing in chinese too bad no one joined me :(


  1. That was me trying to sing in chinese. No one joined meeee! <3

  2. Woah you're 15???? I never knew! So cuteeeeee ^______^ I wish I could be 15 again, for me 14 and 15 are the best ages in the teens :)

    The inside of your house is so nice and huge!!! Love it!!!


  3. happy belated bday hun! sorry i missed it. ur frnd is so funny she blew ur candle!