Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Collective Haul part 1

took advantage of the sale at sephora.. this has become my favorite blush i use everyday..

it looks kind of scary in the pan..but in real life it's not! gives the perfect blushy color, like you went on a run. i spelt orgasm wrong...lmfao and it's not when in rome it's just rome. i was thinking the movie. they look kind of similair because of the gold sparkely undertone but orgasm is more pink while as rome is more red ishHoneysuckle perfume-VS, smells sooo good but the scent doenst last long since it's a body spray. good to bring to the gym to freshen up, but dont expect the scent to last.

love this dress, veryyy cute!

Silver Stud Earrings-nordstroms
'Love' earrings-nordstroms
high waisted skirt-marshalls.(not with belt)

Also to note: Today i got an ANONYMOUS comment, saying i looked like a boy in my last post.. lmfao.. that did not offend me at all but i just wanted to say to those who are bullied or made fun of by the haters over the internet.. it is NOT worth it to give a CRAP about them. hellooo, they're the losers that are bashing you behind a f@cking computer screen... LAME! i mean, seriously, call me fat, ugly, stupid, i don't give a @#$^! at all. I didn't even think it was worth it to post about this but then i thought about the people who may not be as secure in self esteem as i am, and when rude comments are posted like that it really hits them hard. I'm telling you, ingore it, you're worth soo much more then that one comment. even if they don't respect you for who you are , i respect you. plus, anything about the outerward appearance is such crap.. that sh!t doesn't even last. when youre 80 years old, who cares about looks. if your gorgeous and rude, who wants to be your friend. who wants to be around you. and when you s tart aging, there isn't a process that will stop that, and you know what? ONE DAY YOU'LL BE UGLY. and so? if youre personality is beautiful, no one cares about the outsides. it all goes away anyways. wow, this post is so unorganized..but PLUS if you get hated on over the internet, it doesn't really matter. they obviously don't have enough guts to say it to youre face. hey, heeckkkk, i've wanted to bash people on their formsprings and say mean stuff like "DAYUMM, WHY ARE YOU SO FCCCKING FAKE?" but why would i want to purposely ruin someone's day? actually iv'e done that before, and the person FREAKED out and got really upset, which is TOTALLY understandable. and i told her it was me, and i apogilized. deep down i was jealous of her, and i told her i was sorry and then we became really good friends and i started to be a LEGITT person to her. and so those who get hate from anyone, in real life, the internet. don't let it bother you. be happy with who you are and not let other people who aren't satsified with their own lives tear you down.

that was my deep moment of the day..

more hauls to come, i'm just too lazy to post. lmfao.


  1. ...I enjoyed your deep moment of the day. You are right. That person is lame enough to diss online...over a computer... what the heck.
    ANYWAYS, I love "honey suckle belle". I really want to smell it right now. My backpack's next to my chair, and it smells like my dog. O.o

  2. I'm jealous! really nice skirt!

  3. that dress has such a beautiful colour -- reminds me of a peacock!