Monday, January 11, 2010

gift of a friend(s)

all in no particular order! <3

from Jessica:

i love you jessica! you are so sweet. i am so happy god got us to get to know each other! <3 seriously you are one of the nicest most genuine person i've ever met. i hope i know you my whole life, because girll your fresh! even though youre younger then me by one year you're so mature! you always look at two sides of the story before judging. that's a really great thing! thank you so much for the hello kitty stuff, you know me too well. i love you.

From Tiffany:

making me do math..

WAHH. TIFFANY! i'm seriously amazed. you actually went through pain and effort to sew a turtle for me. thank you sooo much! girl, we fight all the time, no joke. but that's what makes us such great beefies! like you always know when i'm sad/mad/happy whtaever! even through like a text message! hahaha you know me too well.. it's a little scary. i know we go through ups and down but they always help us get CLOSER. which i love, because youre one of my closet friends. you even loved me when i had huge poofy hair, and zits. <3 ahaha youre amazing. btw you know me so well.. soy sauce ramen..=HEAVEN!!

from Megan:

LOVE THE LIFE YOU LIVE. yeahh you know me! i do love the life i live. we've been best friends since the 3rd grade! i'm glad you could actually come to one of my brithday parties FINALLY. after all those years you've missed! thank you so much and I DOO love youre necklace. ALOT. it really is me. thanks for everything. you've always been here to listen about me strange ass dreams.. it means alot to me that you think their cute..heh..heh... i love you miss farty...

from priscilla:

this was the first birthday i spent with you! goodness i'm glad to have gotten to know you these part two years. no joke you've always been there for me and youre one of my tightest friends EVER! you are amazing and beautiful and don't you let anyone tell you else wise. thank you so much for being with me all those times i would hurt. i hope i can always do the same for you. this necklace is beautiful and i love it. <3

from madddie!:
MADDDIE! i love you in spanish. you really help me x) hahahaha! gurlll, you and youre hand sanitizer.. i always see you getting up and getting a loser you are (: i hope you and the du work out and you don't ever get hurt again because youre a great person and you do not deserve it! at all. thanks for the starbucks <3 now i can be even more hyper 7th period :P i love you.

i love you all. thank you for being my best friends <3 you all mean the WORLD to be and i'd scarfice anything for you all. you guys are my closet friends i love you like no other. youre all my shoulder to cry on and my shoulder's yours too. i have amazing friends.

love, vee.


  1. wow congrats on all the gifts hun! you have very nice friends! :D i hope you enjoy them all :)

  2. congrats on the gifts, they're beautiful - hehe, love hello kitty!!!

  3. Great stuff girl! I love the necklaces :) xx

  4. congrats on all the gifts!! Love the hello kitty bows!!


  5. ooh very pretty stuff! Haha the math thing on the gift card is very creative!