Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hi guys! I'm currently extremely stressed, and this is my first post from taking a break. I do occasionally get on my blogspot just to see what's up, but i post on my tumblr much more frequently.

Nothing is working out right! Ugh, so frustrated. I know it's my fault for procrastinated my schoolwork, but my school site isn't working so I can't access the documents I need to read, which are due tomorrow! And Tumblr isn't working so I can't rant about it there like I usually do. Ahkkdsfklsjslkfj

About make up and fashion. Currently my make up obsession is on a down low, but I've been really getting myself back into shopping for clothes.

Well, actually I'm broke, I just bought the Nikon D5000.

Ehhhh, now I'll stop procrastinating. BYE!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


i'm taking a blogger break.
if you couldn't tell already.. ahah.

i don't know when i'm going to be back, but there are some things in my life that need to be sorted out.

i understand if you un-follow, it's cool with me.
but if you want to try to keep up with more of my personal life hit up my tumblr.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

homee sweeet home.

hi (:

[long post below]

i'm finallyy home! well i've been home since last thursday.. but i had so much to catch up on.. school, friends, unpack, give gifts, clean. yeah, super super busy lately. i took so many pictures in taiwan, not so many in china.
let me tell you, this trip really changed how i look at things.
here in america, people are so lucky, and most of them have no idea how lucky they really are. and i was one of those people. we don't appreciate what we have, and we just want more. okay,

i haven't been to taiwan since i was 5, and it's a little over ten years later, and i visit again. i didn't remember anything the first time i went, except it was hot and i had spinach. haha. but this time, i'm just like wow. my family in taiwan doesn't exactly live in taipei or anything. they live in a small farm-ish town, and most of the people there don't have alot of money.

i'm not saying everyone was poor, but the living standards are definitely much much lower then the ones in america. most people don't have any AC *gasp!* i know that's a huge crime where i live, hahahaha. we looooooooooooooooooove to crank up the AC.

i can't really think straight right now, since i have to go finish e-school, lawlz. but what i'm trying to say is, appreciate what you have, because there are always going to be people less fortunate then you, and always people more fortunate then you. there isn't a point of trying to compete about who has better things, or whateva ( i know this happens a lot where i live ) haha, because someone out there is always going to be richer or poorer. just be happy with what you have, kay? (:

in taiwan i met soooooooo many people.. family-wise. i never knew i had this much family (were the only people living in america on both sides of my family) but yeah, it was sweet. they all took really great care of us!

when we went to visit taipei for around three-four days, we stayed at the taipei sheraton hotel....SO NICE! hahaha. we went to taipei 101, went all the way up to the observatory, which is so amazing. it's so high up, you can see like, the whole city!

the food was pretty good.. OH YEAH! we went clam digging or harvesting in the Taiwan strait. that was fun! hahaha and messy. we went with professional people so don't just go out and do that. also it was a low tide..(dur)

in china i stayed in shanghai (WORLD EXPO)<-- which we did not attend. there was no time between the shopping, visiting my mommie's old collegues, eating out, etc. shanghai is really fun.. it's like an asian new york. really.

i didn't buy much there either. i didn't buy much in general! but i learned to play mahhjong, LOL, and i am honestly addicted. (bad habit, blame my auntie!<3) and my aunt bought me a tiny mini mahhjong cute. i have to teach my friends to play,muahahaha.

hmm. well this post is really long. so i should go, update later.