Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hi guys! I'm currently extremely stressed, and this is my first post from taking a break. I do occasionally get on my blogspot just to see what's up, but i post on my tumblr much more frequently.

Nothing is working out right! Ugh, so frustrated. I know it's my fault for procrastinated my schoolwork, but my school site isn't working so I can't access the documents I need to read, which are due tomorrow! And Tumblr isn't working so I can't rant about it there like I usually do. Ahkkdsfklsjslkfj

About make up and fashion. Currently my make up obsession is on a down low, but I've been really getting myself back into shopping for clothes.

Well, actually I'm broke, I just bought the Nikon D5000.

Ehhhh, now I'll stop procrastinating. BYE!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


i'm taking a blogger break.
if you couldn't tell already.. ahah.

i don't know when i'm going to be back, but there are some things in my life that need to be sorted out.

i understand if you un-follow, it's cool with me.
but if you want to try to keep up with more of my personal life hit up my tumblr.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

homee sweeet home.

hi (:

[long post below]

i'm finallyy home! well i've been home since last thursday.. but i had so much to catch up on.. school, friends, unpack, give gifts, clean. yeah, super super busy lately. i took so many pictures in taiwan, not so many in china.
let me tell you, this trip really changed how i look at things.
here in america, people are so lucky, and most of them have no idea how lucky they really are. and i was one of those people. we don't appreciate what we have, and we just want more. okay,

i haven't been to taiwan since i was 5, and it's a little over ten years later, and i visit again. i didn't remember anything the first time i went, except it was hot and i had spinach. haha. but this time, i'm just like wow. my family in taiwan doesn't exactly live in taipei or anything. they live in a small farm-ish town, and most of the people there don't have alot of money.

i'm not saying everyone was poor, but the living standards are definitely much much lower then the ones in america. most people don't have any AC *gasp!* i know that's a huge crime where i live, hahahaha. we looooooooooooooooooove to crank up the AC.

i can't really think straight right now, since i have to go finish e-school, lawlz. but what i'm trying to say is, appreciate what you have, because there are always going to be people less fortunate then you, and always people more fortunate then you. there isn't a point of trying to compete about who has better things, or whateva ( i know this happens a lot where i live ) haha, because someone out there is always going to be richer or poorer. just be happy with what you have, kay? (:

in taiwan i met soooooooo many people.. family-wise. i never knew i had this much family (were the only people living in america on both sides of my family) but yeah, it was sweet. they all took really great care of us!

when we went to visit taipei for around three-four days, we stayed at the taipei sheraton hotel....SO NICE! hahaha. we went to taipei 101, went all the way up to the observatory, which is so amazing. it's so high up, you can see like, the whole city!

the food was pretty good.. OH YEAH! we went clam digging or harvesting in the Taiwan strait. that was fun! hahaha and messy. we went with professional people so don't just go out and do that. also it was a low tide..(dur)

in china i stayed in shanghai (WORLD EXPO)<-- which we did not attend. there was no time between the shopping, visiting my mommie's old collegues, eating out, etc. shanghai is really fun.. it's like an asian new york. really.

i didn't buy much there either. i didn't buy much in general! but i learned to play mahhjong, LOL, and i am honestly addicted. (bad habit, blame my auntie!<3) and my aunt bought me a tiny mini mahhjong cute. i have to teach my friends to play,muahahaha.

hmm. well this post is really long. so i should go, update later.


Friday, June 25, 2010


Hey guys thanks for reading my blog and entering into my giveaway.
The winner for my first giveaway is ASHLY

Email me at with your info

Thanks for all your love and support guys :]

Monday, June 7, 2010

gunna be outt.

so i'm going to taiwan/china! fun fun fun. i will try and update you guys, but i'm not sure when i'm going to get internet


thanks loves.

Friday, May 28, 2010


hi guys!! i recieved a really cool email from a company called CSN, and sells items such as cook ware to tv stands! they're allowing me to pick one item for my blog to give it away to one of my lovely followers! this is going to be my FIRST giveaway and so there might be a few flaws but i'm going to try my best! practice makes perfect right? this is just a little thank-you to all those who actually stuck with me(:

you can check out their main site ( they have tons of different branches ) here : clickie
they have alot of cute stuff.. like cute accent pillows! haha (;

so.. as a beauty/fashion blog, i picked out this item!
a cosmetic mirror! fits the topic of a beauty blog right..? look at your beautiful self for ever (: jk jkay, if that were to happen nothing would ever get done.

moving right along

rules are :
1.) YOU MUST BE A FOLLOWER OF MY BLOG ( i will check! )

(must be in U.S or Canada)

example of a comment:
hi i'm a follower, and i posted it at


simple, and easy just like that!


thank you CSN! thank you dear followers! thanks for sticking with me though i havent exactly been a dedicated blogger. i hope this is a sucessful giveaway *crosses fingers*

i really love and appreciate you guys a lot!

Monday, May 17, 2010


staying homee cos i'm sick.. yay..ey... (:<

me hiding my cuteness sickly-grossness

soo it was just an average day, an average night.. i found this..>:O

Thanks for deciding to rip me off cotton swab maker people. Just kidding i don't really give a rat's butt.

cute little ninja duckies my friend decided to distract me with(;FOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

home made veggie pizza by yours my best friend..lawls, i can't cook (; simplee and deliciouss. i don't feel guilty eating these (: just buy a pizza crust and put some olive oil and one cut up clove of garlic with the olive oil all over it then layer on some baby spinach (we used organic) slice up some tomatoes and plop em on and add some fresh mozzarella cheese. and put it in the oven for however long the pizza crust says so.. also the garlic part... i forgot to do that the other day.. well my mommy forgot and it still tasted the same! you can add whatever on the pizza you want.. pepproni...mushrooms, it's all good.

pork.... i don't think i'm going to be eating pork very often after may 24.. at school we're dissecting a fetal pig... YAY. not. i'm probably gunna puke then cry. the only thing iw as able to dissect out of all the nasty little critters was the starfish due to the fact that it has no eyes...didn't seem like an animal.. no blood.(:

short hair, freshly chopped off after i got my straightening perm... i liked my hair then, i could curl it and eveyrthing! it looked cute.perm is semi gone by now... >.<>

the NOW PICTURE-...... i'll get back to you on that one.

finallyy found a blazer i like! surprising at forever21. i'm not liking much at xx1 now since it's all mass produced, and everyone has it, and it's expensive for how mass produced and the quality. like seriously, the jewelery... they probably price it up 100x how much it costed to produce. but it's still cute... so i'm going to be a hypocrite and say i still shop there. which i do, it's just disappointing alot of the time.
ssooorrrry for the crappy blurry pic above. my computer wouldn't resize it right sooooo it turned out like that. blehkk.

up-close and less blurry.

au revoir.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

5/4/10-new playlist, ay?

crappy quality.. stolen from my friend who stole it from

i totally want to buy this shirt... lol not advertising it or anything x)


-going to taiwan and china june 8-july 1.
-might start making videos? idk.
-i'm loving BoB even though he's totally being over-played.
-there are some people that need to stay out of my life!
-i like buff guys. (: yum

"remember the past, because the past is what has caused you to be who you are today."-meeeeee.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


cam a cam whore. x)


lace kimono dress-agaci
black lace tank top- aeropostale
key necklace-juicy couture

sooo recently it was one of my best friend's birthday... and this post is kind of like a buffer post, since honestly i haven't been able to do ANYTHING, i've just been so busy. but i pinky promise to do more legit posts >.<

yeah, we're dorks! happy birthday Tiffanyyy, i love you so much! [kickkin it wayy back since zhu's]

this is what i got herr! a heart ring thing from Macys, yo. it's so hard to take pictures of jewelry..kudos to those who sell jewelry online and take amazing photos..
On her actual birthday at Buca's with her fam.

the birthday parttayy.

we had a scavenger hunt at the mall.. the yellow team (my team, cos we be asian!) lost...... we were last place, lmfao. and we thought we were doing so well. the picture above would be out "stalker" pictures of the other groups for bonuses. ahh, we are creepy. love it. haha we went and did the weirdest randomest things like giving an unstuffed build-a-bear a shower (air shower). give make overs at sephora (not really a big deal....since i kind of have a weird random beauty blog) find a crab..find a pig.. try on a dd bra.. yumm. x) "sleep on a bench"
(see the sephora bag? i've got a haull for ya'll.)

the yellow team(:

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Life's been absolutely crazy and insane, I can't keep up! My grades at school have been so nerdly-amazing! Hahaha, I get upset now when if I get a low A. What, I'm a competitive nerd now...after I got my rank..omg.. Anywoo! I just got a box in the mail from Bloomingdales, and I just went yes that means a haul! I think after I move my computer desk into my room I'm going to record it. It's always such a pain in the butt to take pictures of stuff.

Isn't it scary when songs totally describe how you feel? I'm currently LOVING heartbreak warefare by John Mayer! lovelovelove.

You're talking *shit* again, it's heartbreak warfare
Good to know it's all a game
Disappointment has a name, it's heartbreak, heartbreak.

That's it for now..

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

pure genius.

If you guys like deep, interesting, witty thoughts, DEFINITELY check out my friend, Annie! she's smart, intelligent, and beautiful (: this poem is one of the FEW great poems she has written on her blog.

Do Not Wake Me

Do not wake me,
I have not slept enough.
(to dream)

Do not touch me,
I have not loved enough.
(to hurt)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Collective Haul part 1

took advantage of the sale at sephora.. this has become my favorite blush i use everyday..

it looks kind of scary in the pan..but in real life it's not! gives the perfect blushy color, like you went on a run. i spelt orgasm wrong...lmfao and it's not when in rome it's just rome. i was thinking the movie. they look kind of similair because of the gold sparkely undertone but orgasm is more pink while as rome is more red ishHoneysuckle perfume-VS, smells sooo good but the scent doenst last long since it's a body spray. good to bring to the gym to freshen up, but dont expect the scent to last.

love this dress, veryyy cute!

Silver Stud Earrings-nordstroms
'Love' earrings-nordstroms
high waisted skirt-marshalls.(not with belt)

Also to note: Today i got an ANONYMOUS comment, saying i looked like a boy in my last post.. lmfao.. that did not offend me at all but i just wanted to say to those who are bullied or made fun of by the haters over the internet.. it is NOT worth it to give a CRAP about them. hellooo, they're the losers that are bashing you behind a f@cking computer screen... LAME! i mean, seriously, call me fat, ugly, stupid, i don't give a @#$^! at all. I didn't even think it was worth it to post about this but then i thought about the people who may not be as secure in self esteem as i am, and when rude comments are posted like that it really hits them hard. I'm telling you, ingore it, you're worth soo much more then that one comment. even if they don't respect you for who you are , i respect you. plus, anything about the outerward appearance is such crap.. that sh!t doesn't even last. when youre 80 years old, who cares about looks. if your gorgeous and rude, who wants to be your friend. who wants to be around you. and when you s tart aging, there isn't a process that will stop that, and you know what? ONE DAY YOU'LL BE UGLY. and so? if youre personality is beautiful, no one cares about the outsides. it all goes away anyways. wow, this post is so unorganized..but PLUS if you get hated on over the internet, it doesn't really matter. they obviously don't have enough guts to say it to youre face. hey, heeckkkk, i've wanted to bash people on their formsprings and say mean stuff like "DAYUMM, WHY ARE YOU SO FCCCKING FAKE?" but why would i want to purposely ruin someone's day? actually iv'e done that before, and the person FREAKED out and got really upset, which is TOTALLY understandable. and i told her it was me, and i apogilized. deep down i was jealous of her, and i told her i was sorry and then we became really good friends and i started to be a LEGITT person to her. and so those who get hate from anyone, in real life, the internet. don't let it bother you. be happy with who you are and not let other people who aren't satsified with their own lives tear you down.

that was my deep moment of the day..

more hauls to come, i'm just too lazy to post. lmfao.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

WHAT IS THIS BLASPHEMY!!? & work out tips #1


soo i went to my nordstroms to get another one of my h
andy dang MAC MINERALIZED SKINFINISHES and i thought i was like 25$, and i had some giftcards. but turns out it's 27$?! WHATT. so i check the mac website and it'sonly 25$... ugh..nordstroms you be ripping me off!! but since i love my MSF natural oh so much... and a mac counter's like 30 minutes away.. this will do..for now!!

here's some proof... too lazy to take a picture of my receipt. got thiss off of the mac webbie and nordstroms. (:

working out tips!
1.) working out with an ipod or mp3 really helps get the mood going! pick some of your favorite songs to work out to and you'll never stop wanting to run because you want to finish the song! (:
2.) after an intense workout (like running a mile) make sure you take 3-5 minutes just walking around slowly to prevent blood pooling.
3.)wear a comfty work-out-able outfit! like mee. t-shirt and nike shorts.
4.) you SHOULD excersise 1hr every day but start slow if your just starting excersisinggg.
5.) make goals! make 2 short term goals like ( run a mile twice a month) and one long term goal like (run a mile under 8 minutes!) something of that sort.
6.) don't feel discouraged, you can do it! (:

those are all i can think of at the moment.... i promise i'll get back to you guys with more <3

Saturday, January 23, 2010

surprise partyy!

i've missed you all and blogging! so recently (yesterday, since it's like 1 a.m. right now) i went to a surprise party for one of my really good friends! i love her so much (: it was kind of poopie at first since her outside of school best friend told us to be there at 8:15, and not to be LATE, so we were there on time waiting for them at mi cocina but it was soo crowded so we left and went to the starbucks nearby until they came like HALF A HOUR LATER. yeah great host. and they didn't even make reservations so we couldn't get in! we had to go eat at another restraunt, called nicalo? i don't remember. it was really nice italian food. it was kind of expensive for me, being a student, still living with the rents, but it was well worth it. i only got one entre (didn't take a picture i forgot!) but it was filling and delish! oh i told my friends about this blog and they started making fun of me (UHMMM, IF YOUR READING THIS KAAMILA, BIANCA, NIKITA, ANUM *COUGH*) (: HAHAHA. anyways on to the party pictures.

i LOVED my hair. i curled it and pin back the left side (thinner hair part of my head?) to show off my earings (they're new!) and it took me like an hour because i kept getting distracted and doing other things. -sigh- but i loved my hair! i think i'll wear it like this more often? oh and i'm loving my new cargo blush. more info on that in my next post.

dirty mirror >//< (that's a blushing face)

sorry for all the yellow/dark pictures... my parent's bathroom just tend to be like this.. sigh

dress-forever 21
ugg boots-nordstroms
bag-kohls, vera wang

i'll have a haul posted up for you guys later after i take all of the pictures!

have a great day (: