Tuesday, April 20, 2010


cam whoring...like a cam whore. x)


lace kimono dress-agaci
black lace tank top- aeropostale
key necklace-juicy couture

sooo recently it was one of my best friend's birthday... and this post is kind of like a buffer post, since honestly i haven't been able to do ANYTHING, i've just been so busy. but i pinky promise to do more legit posts >.<

yeah, we're dorks! happy birthday Tiffanyyy, i love you so much! [kickkin it wayy back since zhu's]

this is what i got herr! a heart ring thing from Macys, yo. it's so hard to take pictures of jewelry..kudos to those who sell jewelry online and take amazing photos..
On her actual birthday at Buca's with her fam.

the birthday parttayy.

we had a scavenger hunt at the mall.. the yellow team (my team, cos we be asian!) lost...... we were last place, lmfao. and we thought we were doing so well. the picture above would be out "stalker" pictures of the other groups for bonuses. ahh, we are creepy. love it. haha we went and did the weirdest randomest things like giving an unstuffed build-a-bear a shower (air shower). give make overs at sephora (not really a big deal....since i kind of have a weird random beauty blog) find a crab..find a pig.. try on a dd bra.. yumm. x) "sleep on a bench"
(see the sephora bag? i've got a haull for ya'll.)

the yellow team(:


  1. Yum..chocolate covered strawberries are my favv!
    Love the necklace too girl

  2. cant wait to c ur haul, dear! I love the dress~ <3

  3. ahhh i love the necklaces and the dress that you wore in your ootd pics!

    haha, the scavenger hunt sounds like something my friends and i would do. x)
    adorable post. :)


  4. strawberry coverd in chocolate:O DELICIOUS!!
    love the ring and the necklace=]

  5. owww ... yummy foods.. i love that cupcake too.. I thought you are pregnant in your second picture , hehe :P