Monday, May 17, 2010


staying homee cos i'm sick.. yay..ey... (:<

me hiding my cuteness sickly-grossness

soo it was just an average day, an average night.. i found this..>:O

Thanks for deciding to rip me off cotton swab maker people. Just kidding i don't really give a rat's butt.

cute little ninja duckies my friend decided to distract me with(;FOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

home made veggie pizza by yours my best friend..lawls, i can't cook (; simplee and deliciouss. i don't feel guilty eating these (: just buy a pizza crust and put some olive oil and one cut up clove of garlic with the olive oil all over it then layer on some baby spinach (we used organic) slice up some tomatoes and plop em on and add some fresh mozzarella cheese. and put it in the oven for however long the pizza crust says so.. also the garlic part... i forgot to do that the other day.. well my mommy forgot and it still tasted the same! you can add whatever on the pizza you want.. pepproni...mushrooms, it's all good.

pork.... i don't think i'm going to be eating pork very often after may 24.. at school we're dissecting a fetal pig... YAY. not. i'm probably gunna puke then cry. the only thing iw as able to dissect out of all the nasty little critters was the starfish due to the fact that it has no eyes...didn't seem like an animal.. no blood.(:

short hair, freshly chopped off after i got my straightening perm... i liked my hair then, i could curl it and eveyrthing! it looked cute.perm is semi gone by now... >.<>

the NOW PICTURE-...... i'll get back to you on that one.

finallyy found a blazer i like! surprising at forever21. i'm not liking much at xx1 now since it's all mass produced, and everyone has it, and it's expensive for how mass produced and the quality. like seriously, the jewelery... they probably price it up 100x how much it costed to produce. but it's still cute... so i'm going to be a hypocrite and say i still shop there. which i do, it's just disappointing alot of the time.
ssooorrrry for the crappy blurry pic above. my computer wouldn't resize it right sooooo it turned out like that. blehkk.

up-close and less blurry.

au revoir.

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